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Sporty Fall Jacket Trends of 2018-2019

Fashion doesn’t need to try hard. Real luxury, in my opinion, should be easy-to-wear while complimenting your personal style. Whether you’re trendy, classic or minimal, this season’s sporty jackets work for every look. I collected my favorites of the season, some I spotted on Pinterest and others from the runway. Here are my top sporty fall jackets for 2018-2019 (NO endorsements, friends!).

1. Plaid bomber jacket

Classic and athletic-looking, this plaid bomber is the PERFECT example of sporty elegance. Styles like this one are my weak spot; it's rare to find such a clever combination of femininity and sportswear, along with good tailoring! Plus, the houndstooth plaid is one of the hottest trends for fall 2018. Obviously, GAP is doing something right-- kudos guys!

2. Futuristic vest

Prada is all about blending upscale sportswear with chic, industrial themes. A bit fancier than my taste, but I can't resist this unique jacket from the Winter/Fall 2018-19 show. It has a strong, active design and a high-tech feel. The neon pink fur accents give a funky touch, while the combat-style vest gives an empowering edge. Overall, it's the ideal fall jacket for a confident outfit!

3. Aviator jacket